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mardi 28 janvier 2014, par krAze

kalibandulu was born in october 1999.

Thanks to the experience gained between the walls of the historical dance hall of bomboclaat in pergola milan, kali bandulu, played by rebel t and da major, rised to one of the biggest sounds in italy in 2006 directly from mars, dj moiz joined the sound.

From this time they start to build their headquarter in mesagne, this was the beginning for the saga of juggling from mars“ and the correspondent mix cd series from 2005 to nowadays kalibandulu participate in some sound clash and won severals, but the most important thing for the sound is still the ability in mixing every kind of music tying with harmony to reggae, like the real jamaican sounds do.

Beyond that, exclusive kalibandulu remixes were played in the most important clubs and radio stations. Further the monthly “brand new” collection full of brand new dancehall hits, brought more and more attention to the sound.

In 2008 mc “don leo“ and dj “fast“ complete the sound. in 2010 kali bandulu takes the next step with founding the “kalibandulu studio“ for working on more remixes, dubplates and mix cd´s.

From the birth of the sound to nowadays kalibandulu brings the unique style in every dancehall around the world and continues to grow in popularity.

From the heart, with the mind kalibandulu music spreads good vibes !

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