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Brand New Collection Decembre 2014 By Kalibandulu
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Brand New Collection Decembre 2014 By Kalibandulu

Publié Le 23 décembre 2014
Mixtape Dancehall, Reggae Jamaican

Dernier épisode de l’année des Brand New MixCd Collection de la Team Italienne Kalibandu !

Espace Artiste De Kalibandulu

Profil Mis A Jour Le 23 décembre 2014
Dj, Crew Dancehall, Reggae, Hip-Hop Jamaican
kalibandulu was born in october 1999. Thanks to the experience gained between the walls of the historical dance hall of bomboclaat in pergola milan, kali bandulu, played by rebel t and da major, rised to one of the biggest sounds in italy in 2006 directly from mars, dj moiz joined the sound. From this time they start to build their headquarter in mesagne, this was the beginning for the saga (...)
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