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Cheater By Tiana
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Cheater By Tiana

Publié Le 10 décembre 2016
Clip Dancehall Jamaican

This video was shot, directed and edited By Carlington Wilmot (OutAroad Pictures)
Name of artist : Tiana
Namo of Song Cheater
Produced by Jay Crazie Records

Espace Artiste De Tiana

Profil Mis A Jour Le 4 mars 2017
Chanteur(se) Dancehall Jamaican
Dannielle Shand more popularly known as ‘Tiana’, the ‘Dancehall Duchess’ has been breaking barriers in the local dancehall space and also in various other countries such as Europe, Africa, UK, US and the Caribbean. The young, talented and mutli-faceted female artist was born and raised in the beautiful parish of St. Mary in Jamaica and derived her musical inspiration from the creative art of (...)
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